Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 30: Recap of the National Health Blog Post Month Challenge

Well, it's been a big month.

Day 1: Why I write about my health
Day 2: Let it go
Day 3: My favourite endo blogs
Day 5: List of 3 things that I'm thankful for and excited about
Day 6: Celebrities with endometriosis
Day 7: A conversation with my doctor
Day 9: Endometriosis survival kit
Day 10: Posting about health on Facebook - a do or a don't?
Day 11: Polka dots and curls
Day 12: Myths about endometriosis
Day 13: My favourite books
Day 14: Tips for visiting the doctor
Day 15: Nominations for the WEGO Health Activist award
Day 16: Over halfway
Day 19: Advice for new (and not so new) doctors, nurses and caregivers from a patient's perspective
Day 20: Alternative treatments
Day 21: Put your moustache on
Day 22: What I'm thankful for
Day 26: I want to change "THIS" about healthcare
Day 27: Busy-ness
Day 28: Laparoscopy 101
Day 29: Unexpected blessings

It's been tiring, but it's also been fun to write about a new topic related to health every day, and read about other conditions that I didn't know much about before.  I'm looking forward to reading some more of the posts now that I don't have to blog every day. There are some thoughtful, well-written blogs I have discovered through this challenge - so if you want to check out posts from other people participating in the challenge, go here.

Since I didn't actually end up blogging every day about endometriosis, I've got a few good prompts saved up. So look out for posts on travelling with endometriosis, the history of endometriosis (hint, vibrators and "wandering" uteruses were involved), the pros and cons of surgery, progesterone intolerance (or why some women go crazy on the Pill) and some discussion on the perception of "invisible" illnesses by society in the coming weeks!

If you're interested, here are some other endometriosis related posts that I have written in the past that were not part of the NHBPM challenge:

Explaining Endometriosis
Pain scales: what it's like to have endometriosis
Endometriosis and feminine hygiene products: my campaign

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around :)


This month I took part in National Health Blog Post Month. Click the hyperlinks above to read some of my daily posts and learn more about living with endometriosis.

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  1. Hi Lib. I really enjoyed your thirty days posts. You're on my RSS feed so I'll be reading!


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