Essential Websites

Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia: An essential page for anyone suffering from pelvic pain, anywhere in the world. Sections explain potential causes and treatments for pelvic pain for all ages and genders.

Easy Stretches to Relax the Pelvis - Women: A subsection of the website but so essential I had to have a specific link to it. These stretches are essential for any woman with endometriosis to keep your pelvic floor muscles in healthy working order.

Endometropolis Facebook Group: An excellent facebook group where you can post surgical notes, photos, and all your pressing questions about endometriosis and have them answered by the best of the best in the endometriosis world.

Dr Susan Evans' Free E-booklet on Pelvic Pain

Resources for Australians

Endometriosis Australia: the only endometriosis charity in Australia

Canberra Endometriosis Centre

Canberra Endometriosis Network Public Page
Canberra Endometriosis Network Closed Group

Sustainable Menstruation Australia

Find a Psychologist: A page where Australians can find a psychologist suitable for them according to the issue they are concerned with

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