Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yoga for Endometriosis Classes

The last Yoga for Endometriosis term until spring finished up last week, so I thought I'd share some photos of the last session I was able to attend. Our lovely yogi, Martha, designed the classes specifically for women with endometriosis and pelvic pain. As an endometriosis sufferer herself, she is always looking out for attendees and is keenly aware of the limitations that endometriosis can place on the body.

The sessions were divided up into three segments: movement, meditation/relaxation, and "circle time". The movement section included typical (gentle) yoga poses, as well as some movements that people would usually see four year olds doing in preschool that felt a bit silly at first (e.g. swinging your arms and legs around, lightly tapping your body all over.) However, after I stopped being self-conscious I found that doing these movements helped remove tension that is held in the body.
The meditation/relaxation time consisted of us lying on our backs in savasana, covered with blankets and lavender-scented eye pillows while Martha talked through some restful imagery. Most of us usually ended up falling asleep during this part of the class as it was so relaxing!
The "circle time" part of the class consisted of us grabbing a cup of tea and sitting in a circle to share on the topic of the week. We would pass around a "speaking stick" and while the holder was holding the stick, no one else was allowed to interrupt. Topics would range from where we draw our support to how we take time out for ourselves. It usually had a positive energy to it, giving support to each other and looking for ways to be grateful for what we have and ways to improve our quality of life. I was very sceptical about having a “speaking stick” and “circle time” at first, but when discussing highly emotional topics like living with endometriosis, these techniques are very helpful in making a person feel safe and supported. Many tears of gratitude and frustration were shed in this circle, and there was a feeling that there was no shame in showing these emotions, even in front of people that you had only met an hour earlier.
If you are trying to start a support group in your area, I highly recommend finding a yoga teacher (or similar) to host classes as it was through these classes (along with having a heavily monitored facebook page) that we were able to kick start the group and gain the most members. As Martha volunteered her time, we only paid $5 per class each to pay for the room rental (a hall in a local church.)
I very much looked forward to these classes and am sad that I will have to wait more than a year to attend another one. They were the highlight of my week, a cocoon that I emerged from feeling rested and revived.

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