Friday, August 22, 2014

New blog title and 11 weeks post op

It's been 11 weeks today since my op, and I have much to report. Recovery has been as expected, long but steadily improving, with an unexpected house move in the middle (at 4 weeks post op) making the whole thing just that little bit harder. I will admit that I ended up in a puddle of tears a few times due to exhaustion. Pro tip: Don't move house 4 weeks after having major abdominal surgery. Just don't.

I'm also 3 weeks into Qlaira pack number 3, and the last few days have seen me spotting and cramping which is quite disappointing. Up until now being on Qlaira has been a breeze and I really thought I had found my miracle pill. No weight gain, no breast tenderness, no migraines, my moods have even been more stable on the pill. Who knew? Here's to hoping that this is just a bump in the road.

You also may have noticed that I have changed the title of my blog. I no longer felt like the title fit with me (particularly as I feel I have outgrown the word "girl") so I've picked something that I felt fits better with what I share on this blog. I am learning to live with a chronic condition, and I want to learn to do that with joy and light. Two and a half years after my diagnosis, I am still learning to cope with it, over and over. every. single. day. I was also a little inspired in the makeover by my friend's blog makeover over at The Sweet Surrender.

I am leaving Canberra in three weeks, and heading to England in four weeks to start my Masters at Durham University. I'm hoping that I will be able to find time to blog before and during that adventure as I have a lot to say, I just need to get it down on (e-)paper. I'm also interested in comparing the how the medical system in the UK compares in its treatment of endometriosis to Australia. I have not heard good things. I am really excited about getting involved with Endometriosis UK as I have been watching them from the other side of the world for quite a while now and I am very impressed by the work they do. I have also found volunteering for the Canberra Endometriosis Network (co-founded by me and another woman with endometriosis) extremely rewarding and a light in sometimes dark days, so I'm excited that there may be a similar group in the UK for me to get involved in.

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