Thursday, January 14, 2016

Modibodi Period Panties: Undies for the Lazy Menstruator

Over the last year I've been trying a variety of reusable menstrual products in the interests of saving money, reducing waste and exposing my body to less harmful substances. I've already been using a menstrual cup and reuseable pads for about a year, and recently I decided to hit a height of laziness by investing in Modibodi Period Panties. A product that promises to literally change nothing in your routine to cope with having a period? No need to worry about changing tampons or sterilising menstrual cups? One less thing to think about when you're trying to make sure you take your painkillers at the right time so don't end up rolling around on your office floor in agony? Sign me up!

The Sensual Hi-Legs in Black
So that is basically the promise - no worrying about changing tampons or pads, or emptying a cup, one pair of panties, all day, no leaks. I thought it might be too good to be true, so I originally just bought one pair of Sensual Boylegs in Light Absorbency (because that is the only level of absorbency available in that style) and one pair of Sensual Hi-Legs in Moderate Absorbency. I went for these styles because I cannot deal with too-tight elastic waistbands pressing on my belly when I've got my period... or pretty much anytime.

The shipping was pretty standard - about 5 days (that's what I expect here in Australia if it's shipping from somewhere else in Australia) and they arrived just before the start of my last period, so I got to test them out straight away. And boy did they live up to their hype! Both pairs were incredibly comfortable to wear, and didn't dig in at all. They also managed to contain my flow for an entire day (around 16 hours, after which I changed into a night pad because I didn't have enough pairs for that first period, but you could use another pair of Modibody instead), no leaks*, no smell. They were a lot less bulky than wearing a pad, and only marginally bulkier than normal underwear. They are extremely well made and I can tell they aren't about to fall apart after a couple of wears. Also, I've now washed these pairs a few times and they look brand new every time they come out of the wash, no staining or anything. Not exactly what I expected after years of heavily soaking bed sheets in stain remover due to period accidents, and still having the stains hang around.

The Sensual Boylegs in Black
So after my first good experience I went online and took advantage of their pre-Christmas sale and bought a few more pairs, this time in Violet (or in my opinion - Fuschia!) Can I just say that wearing bright pink underwear while I had my period and knowing that it wouldn't get ruined made me feel so much better? Who knew that underwear could be such a mood booster. I also love that you can wear these throughout the month in case you have any spotting (which I am unfortunately having quite a lot of at the moment). They even have beige panties for when you want to wear lighter clothing.  My only complaint is that they can sometimes get a little sweaty towards the end of a warm day which can cause a little irritation, but much less than what I experience with pads. It probably just means I need Moderate to Heavy Absorbency instead of Light.

If you can't tell, I'm official sold on period panties and am pretty much switching to them full time. I love the amount of mental energy that they save by removing one more thing that I have to think about when I have my period. Maybe I need to take out some shares in this company...
The Sensual Boylegs in Violet (aka the best thing to happen to periods since chocolate was invented.)
*Thankfully since I've been on Qlaira my periods have become much lighter than they would be naturally (for me day one and two are now as light as day 4 or 5 used to be). I don't think these light absorbency period panties would've dealt with my flow when I wasn't on the pill, but I might've tested the Heavy Absorbency ones on day 2 or 3.

PS A friend of mine bought the classic boyleg briefs and she says they do cut in a bit, so if you don't like undies that cut in, you might want to stick to the lace versions.

~This post was not sponsored and I paid for the undies myself. All opinions are my own, I just really love these undies! I have signed up for their referral program, so if you buy undies from the links in this post, I will apparently get a small amount of money. Who knows? This is a first for me.~

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