Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hollywood glamour

A couple weekends ago, I travelled to Adelaide to see two of my good friends get married. They had their wedding in a cinema, with an old-time Hollywood feel to it, to match the way that they met (through Film Society at uni). I dressed true to the theme, complete with disco nails.

Dress: Cue
Belt: Witchery
Bag: vintage
Nail Polish: OPI 


  1. Beautiful! Love the nails too. Ah, i want short hair so I can curl it all up and make it as pretty as yours!

    1. We will have to curl yours at Christmas to see how curly we can get it...

  2. Elizabeth, SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU HAD A BLOG?! And why didn't you tell me?!! I will read ALL the posts once all my assignments are done.

    1. Haha, I kept it quiet for a little while while I was working out the kinks, but now it is open for public consumption :)

      (So you can re-instate my link on your blog page now :p)


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