Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yeehaw! Cowgirl style.

At the Old Timey Music Revue my housemate pointed out an awesome cowgirl shirt that one of the artists on stage was wearing, and decided that she thought that I could pull that off and should therefore run out and buy one. I, as a lover of country music and all things tongue-in-cheek, agreed that this was a good idea and went off on an Etsy search. This search proved to be far from fruitful.

Thankfully, on my trip to the US, my dad independently decided that I should own such a shirt and bought one for me. That one was unfortunately two sizes too big but we went back and got me one that fit, and I love it! I decided that, in the spirit of this blog, it was acceptable attire for work. The results are below:

before leaving for work | blue nails now that i don't bite them anymore | glass figure + garden and grass couch installations at the art gallery opening i attended in my cowgirl get up | wrinkled clothes after sitting in them all day at work

Shirt: Wrangler
Skirt: Vintage Cue
Shoes: Acoustic Stomach

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