Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thai Food Festival

This skirt is one of my absolute favourite vintage buys. I'm so glad I bought it and had the guts to wear it that first time, because I just feel like a super star in it (so comfy but so stylish!). It's 100% wool, perfect for chilly Canberra winter spring days where you want to rug up but not look like a puff ball. I'm really glad I hung on to the earrings - my granny gave me a bag of her and her friend's old earrings when I was a teenager, and even though I didn't like them then, I hung on to them, and now wear them all the time.

Cardie: Dangerfield 
Skirt: Vintage, Material Pleasures
Coat: My sister's (stole it off her)
Earrings: Vintage (My granny's)
Scarf: souvenir from trip to India

1 comment:

  1. Love this look lib. the skirt is truly awesome and i'm always a sucker for mustard yellow!


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