Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunny days

Lately it's been a little bit warmer in Canberra. We've finally gotten to the stage where tights are not a requirement and summer dresses can be pulled out of the depths of the cupboard. I even changed my quilt from my Canberra winter weight quilt to my Adelaide winter weight quilt tonight! (I think it might still be awhile before we have 10+ degree nights in Canberra.)

To celebrate the warmer weather, I broke out one of my recent purchases from my travels - my embroidered denim shirt (and my $10 shoes!) Later that day it got a little chillier so I substituted the sandals for my new white connies... no pictures though.

Dress: Lemisee creations (Bondi Markets)
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Banged up knee brought to you by Dramamine, raccoons and San Francisco.
Lantern/tree at the grand opening of Mint Garden Bar on Friday. Come visit me and I will take you there!


  1. Did we got the mint garden bar? or has it just opened?
    Love the look xx

  2. P.s like all the changes on your blog...loookin good:)

  3. Thanks Lis! On the last day you were here when it was pouring and we were looking for food we went to the Mint Garden Bar - apparently it's only open in summer! So great though, I hope you have time in your summer schedule for a visit so we can check it out. :)


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