Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11: Polka Dots and Curls

My housemate said to be a tiger. So I tried.
Today's NNBPM post topic is to write about your favourite thing that is not health-related - so of course I'm writing about my passion for vintage fashion. I've written about it before in this post.

I love hunting for a bargain and finding something that fits you perfectly in a print that they don't make these days. I also love knowing that by buying second hand I am contributing less to landfill. I'd say at least two thirds of my wardrobe is secondhand. I tend to buy new only when I absolutely have to (jeans, singlets, etc), or if it's something I absolutely love.

I picked up this bargain polka dot dress yesterday at Canberra's Fash'n'Treasure markets along with 4 other dresses, 3 lovely cardigans and a polka dot pussy bow shirt. Since Canberra doesn't have a terribly good op shop scene, I tend to go all out when Fash'n'Treasure is on or when I head to Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide.

This song has recently gone viral and I love it - a song all about my favourite thing to do!
(Frequent coarse language warning.)


This month I will be taking part in National Health Blog Post Month. Check back every day to see the new topic and learn more about endometriosis. Today's topic is: Write about your favourite thing that is not health-related but likely improves your life.


  1. As a fellow lover of all things vintage I have to say I love your dress and the red tights are fabulous! I was lucky enough to meet Candice De Ville from Super Kawaii Mama this year at the Melbourne vintage show, such a sad fan girl. Loved her amazing wardrobe and really inspired me to get more into it rather than sitting back and dreaming. Now to work out how to fund my vintage dreams. :)

    1. I'd never heard of Candice De Ville before so I just looked her up - love her style! I've worn vintage clothes for ages but have only just gotten into the hair and make up - will definitely be using her for inspiration now. Nice to meet another vintage lover through this challenge :)

    2. Check out Esme and the Laneway, as well if you don't know her already. Marianne is really lovely and has a funky mix of vintage and newer pieces. There's an amazing vintage scene down here. :)


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