Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bucket list

Inspired by Mighty Girl, I've written a bucket list. This is definitely not a static list, and I'm sure I will edit it later. I added some things that were on my teenage bucket list that I've already accomplished, to give myself some motivation by seeing what I've already achieved. Some things on the list are silly and small and you might think they aren't worth listing, some things seem almost impossible. Might as well dream though...

Fly business class | Go to Zanzibar with K&K | Go to the tectonic plate boundary in Iceland | Bathe in a natural thermal pool  | See the Aurora Australis or Aurora Borealis | Do a Masters/PhD in Science Communication | Adopt or foster a child | Raise $1000 for endometriosis research | Live in the USA again | Go to Yellowstone National Park | Go on a blind date | Become a teacher | Organise an endometriosis awareness event | Take a road trip across the US | Visit all 50 US states | Stay in an ice/treehouse hotel (or similar strangely themed hotel) | Go kayaking on Lake Burley Griffin | Sustain an endometriosis support group for Canberra | Attend Holi in India (while I’m there, go to the deserts and the Taj Mahal) | Work in natural hazards | Go to the Great Wall of China | Go on a wine tour of Canberra & surrounds (where I don’t have to  drive) | Camp on a beach | See bioluminescence in a water body | Learn flamenco | Take Bollywood dance classes | Organise my bedroom so its rid of any unnecessary clutter | Give $50 to a busker | Cut my hair short | Own a piece of art  |  Eat sushi in Japan | Live in a house with a window seat  | Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand | See the Nutcracker ballet again | Get a company to sponsor an awareness campaign for endometriosis | Go on a yoga retreat | Write a guide to my top ten places in Canberra | Host a cocktail party | Write thank you notes to my teachers | Dye my hair pink | Attend an Indian wedding | Have a car with a sunroof | Go for a week using only landline phones | Be in Canberra for the centennial celebrations | Sleep in a glow-worm cave | Quit facebook for a month | Try acupuncture | Finish or give up on all of my unfinished projects in my house | Live out of backpack | Go on a week-long sailing trip with friends | Go back to San Francisco and not get ridiculously sick this time | Achieve a Bachelor of Science with Honours | Get an article in a magazine about endometriosis |  Have read or attempted to read every book on the Dymocks Top 101 for at least one year | Try the endo diet for 2 months | Start a petition on | Go walking on a glacier | Live in a south-east Asian or pacific country | Have a gap year | Go to New Orleans | Watch the Graduate | Watch all the Brat Pack movies | Take any future child[ren] I may have to a sleepover in a science museum (or borrow someone else's kid) | Go to Moonlight Cinema | Organise my tea collection | Go back to Rabaul, PNG | Spend the day at a spa | Manage my endometriosis using diet/supplements/exercise, without the need for surgery/hormone intervention | Eliminate refined sugars for a month | Complete the Couch to 5 k challenge | Have an avocado smoothie | Move out of home

I've bolded the goals that I am planning on attempting in the next few months - particularly going on an endometriosis-friendly diet in January to see if it makes a difference (can't hurt!).

What's on your bucket list?

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