Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Musings {03-04-2013}

First of all, how is it April? How have the trees on my street already lost half their leaves?


Sometimes nothing satisfies more than the simplicity of bangers, mash & veg (even if I did spice up the mash with some sweet potato). Yum!


"It is true in my experience that all of humanity is generally compassionate towards young people with disease or injury; yet, this is not true of many of the young women who are disabled by pain from endometriosis."

This was in the Sydney Morning Herald last week!

"I promised to come over and bake her some cookies. I ended up staying for five hours to make her some food she could eat cold or reheat easily, tidy up her floors, get the dishes taken care of, and do a few other odds and ends."

"...of 287 bylines across 80 front pages, 70% belonged to men and only 30% to women. Of the 287 stories Stevenson read, only 22% of quotes sought came from women, meaning 78% of those people presented to the public as experts in their fields were men."

"I’ve had to be my own advocate every step of the way, researching and pleading, but I didn’t go to medical school, so all I have to go in is instinct, history, and the scary internet. Is that all doctors have, too? Why am I the one steering this ship?"

An alternate perspective, exposing how the media treats women who are raped.


I'm a latecomer to this show, I know, but I just finished the first season in a couple of weeks. To be honest, I had watched a couple of episodes before, and couldn't get over the sexist stereotypes, but I think that later in the season they start to wane. Anyway, it's so good! Maybe it's because it highlights all the good and not so good bits about share-housing. Maybe because it doesn't completely centre around the romantic relationships that the characters have, focussing more on the friendships between the characters. Maybe it's Jess' awesome wardrobe and glasses and the fact that sometimes she is actually quite a strong female character. Who knows. 
PS I have a not-so-small crush on Nick. The only thing that would make this crush bigger is if he got glasses.


A real eye-opener. I'll be honest - I didn't know the difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims before I started reading this book.

Anyway, I'm off to watch Unsafe Sex in the City. Only the best in trashy British sex documentaries for my household. (Worst vice ever.)

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  1. I love New Girl :P I was watching it with my friends and my friend (who lives around the corner) could hear me laughing from across the road. hilarious :P I love her wardrobe too ;)


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