Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ok, so as I mentioned here, in May/June I will be going to France (particularly Avignon), Italy (particularly Cinque Terre & Milan), England (London area only) & South Korea (nuclear war permitting - particularly Seoul, but could do day/overnight trips if there is some kind of transportation involved).

So has anyone been to these places/lived in these places? Got some handy travel tips for me? What are the must-sees? What's overrated? Is there really only bread and cheese to eat in France? How do you deal with dietary restrictions while travelling?

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  1. My biggest tip in Italy is if you are going to Rome, don't spend too much time there- it is dirty and very touristy- I got over it pretty quickly and ended up taking a day trip out to Florence on one of the days.

    England is fun, just be prepared for a cold summer. I packed all my summer clothes the first time I went there with just one pair of jeans and a jumper and ended up having to borrow jackets, pants and jumpers, I was so darn cold!


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