Monday, April 8, 2013

What it's like to have endometriosis: Medication

This is what I had for breakfast this morning.

2 Ponstan, 2 Panamax, 2 Cyklokapron, 1PMS Support, 1 krill oil tablet.


Not really. But it is a fact of life that having endometriosis does come along with a bunch of drugs. When I was a kid you couldn't get me to swallow a tablet, no matter what. My parents used to crush up these tiny anti-malaria tablets we had to take every week when we lived in PNG and I still wouldn't take it. Now I can pretty much swallow the whole handful above in one gulp.

All up, during my period and in the week before (minus the Cyklokapron when I'm not bleeding), my daily dosage looks like this:

6x 500mg Panamax (paracetamol), at four hourly intervals
6x 250mg Ponstan (mefenamic acid), at six hourly intervals

Antifibrinolytic (anti-anti-clotters aka how to stop the red river from overflowing)
6x 500mg Cyklokapron (tranexamic acid), at six hourly intervals

General anti-inflammatory support
1x 1000mg krill oil
1x PMS support (1000 mg chaste tree fruit, 500 mg black cohosh root, 2000 mg winter cherry root, 50 mg vitamin B6, 40 mg magnesium, 26 mcg chromium, 100 mg taurine)

1x 25 mg Valdoxan (aglomelatine)

It's a wonder I don't rattle when I walk.

When I don't have my period, or it's not the week leading up to my period, it is not that extreme. It whittles down to just daily krill oil, Valdoxan, and some paracetamol if I really need it.

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