Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday


Canberra's gorgeous scenery

Canberra has just been showing off lately. She's pretty stunning in any season, but she really shows her true colours in Autumn (har de har). It's hard not to be thankful when I am surrounded by such beautiful colours every day.

Late night adventures

Sometimes it sucks being single and living in a city away from your family and many of the people that you love. Other times, you find yourself at 12:30 am on a Wednesday night, after a night of fun dancing, at a relatively new friend's house eating delicious South Indian curry made by her, and it's awesome. You think - this is what I dreamed about when I was a teenager - having the freedom and the money and the confidence to go and do whatever I want. (I'll think about how much I'm going to dislike Wednesday night Libby when I'm totally rundown later).

Wintery clothes

I have just bought a whole bunch of new awesome tights and I'm so excited that I've been able to wear many of them this week and change up old outfits. It's not yet cold enough for me to get grumpy because I turn into an ice cube in the walk from my bed to the shower in the morning, but it's just cold enough to make it fun to get dressed in the morning because I get to try out new colour combinations. (I'm easily pleased.)

The good weeks

I'm feeling the onset of my PMS and bad endo weeks at the moment (I have a ratio of 2 bad weeks to 3 good weeks at the moment). While I curse these weeks whenever I have them (as I am surprised by how bad they are every time I have them with my lovely memory of a goldfish), I am grateful that I have these good weeks. Not everyone gets weeks where they feel pretty much normal. I definitely didn't have many normal weeks last year.

The Secret Life of Samara

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