Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday (on a Wednesday) from a lazy blogger

Life is busy. No, priorities are different than they were 6 months ago. So no pretty pictures this time, but I hope I can convey exactly how much contentment there is in my life at the moment. Again, I just want to capture how good I feel at this exact moment and document how I feel like I've finally got my groove.

Things I am thankful for this week:
  • a home concert (as in a concert in someone's home) from the lovely Sam Buckingham (if she's touring near you soon, which she probably is if you live in Oz, check her out, she's well worth it)
  • another gig at my favourite underground bookshop/cafe/music venue, Beyond Q by The Tiger & Me. Another great act. I'm so glad that I've been able to catch so much excellent live music lately.
  • Canberra and all it's wintery loveliness. The people who inhabit it who love to do weird and wacky things. The people who don't mind having a little bit of stillness (which others might interpret as silence) at gigs, savouring every last whisper.
  • trying out Bikram yoga and discovering that while it makes me super tired, I actually quite like it and love how flexible the hot room makes me (weeks of practice at regular yoga wouldn't have gotten me that bendy)
  • starting running again because I found out that my ski neck warmer doubles as ear protection so I don't get those pesky ear/headaches from cold air while running
  • being able to walk the 40 mins to work on the coldest day of the year (-5 anyone?) and yet somehow not notice that it was freezing until I got to work and had chilblains all over my hands. ouch. clearly I've acclimatised.
  • basically having the motivation and good health to exercise pretty much every day for the last few weeks
  • having cravings for healthy foods, and having a good attitude about food because of that. I have always been one to crave crappy sugary foods, but lately I've realised just how much they affect my moods and I am have been reducing them and I am so much more stable as a person because of it! 
  • realising how strong I have become as a person in the last year, and the huge leaps and bounds I have made not just in my physical health, but also my mental health
  • finding a masters course in Durham (as in in the UK) that pretty much looks like the answer to all my prayers. I've had so much fun daydreaming about it. It's basically all I can think about at the moment.
  • my family. I really miss them sometimes (like tonight when Sam Buckingham played Joelene which my dad always sings to me) but I like that they are just at the other end of the phone if I need them.
Ok. Maybe one gif.
I'd say I'm about this contented at the moment:
(If you don't get it, go watch Black Books now.)

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