Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Endometriosis Afternoon Tea

On Sunday the 1st June, we hosted a fund-and-awareness-raising afternoon tea for endometriosis research at my mum's house in Adelaide. My sister thought up the idea a few months back when I told her I would be coming back to Adelaide to have my second surgery. We ended up raising over $1000 for endometriosis research and I was blown away by the amount of support. The research we supported was that done by Dr Louise Hull at the University of Adelaide. She is looking at a plasma microRNA based diagnostic test, which would mean that patients could get confirmation of their endometriosis without needing a expensive, painful, inconvenient and risky surgery.

I made a little speech (along with my sister) and unexpectedly got a little emotional halfway through it. I was talking about how many women fight for a long time to get diagnosed. If you've been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I had symptoms of endometriosis from the age of 12, but was only diagnosed at 23. I got emotional because I had never considered a world where there would a non-invasive diagnostic test to screen patients if they showed characteristic symptoms. A world where women hopefully wouldn't get told for years and years that it was all in their head. If we can achieve that in my lifetime, I will be so happy.

Most photos thanks to my bestie Lisa from The Thrifty Challenge, some from my iPhone.

PS In case you were wondering, my outfit details are:
Denim jacket: SAG, op shop (USA)
Dress: Retrostar Vintage Clothing, Melbourne
Cowboy boots: Wrangler (from when they were still made in Texas), gift from a friend who got them from an estate sale
Stockings: Columbine, Teal Soft Opaques (50 Denier)
Glasses: Gok Wan for Specsavers

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