Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A new plan

I had an appointment with my new gyne last week. It was very encouraging. While he still doesn't have the best bedside manner, he seems much more open, receptive and clued in than my last doctor. Also, we have a new plan!

So the plan for the next few months is:

1) Get the Mirena removed.

Because of my history of contraceptive pill-induced depression and mood problems, my new gyne thinks that the Mirena could be part of the reason I've had marked depression and anxiety since my diagnosis/Mirena insertion. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that after my last doctor completely dismissed those symptoms. It's nice to have a doctor who is open and receptive.

Anyway, it might not be all of the problem, but I know within myself that I feel different when I'm on "fake" hormones and I'd like to try and see what I'm like without it. If it turns out that the Mirena makes no difference we'll think about it for future treatment (since it is quite effective), but if not then that solves the mood problem!

For those who are looking into Mirena as a treatment - if you deal with the Pill quite well, I'd give it a try. After 9 months, most of the annoying symptoms (breast tenderness, weight gain, spotting) I've had have settled out to levels that I can deal with apart from the mood problem, and I do think it has reduced the amount of pain I have been in, if only by stopping my periods altogether. There are a lot of horror stories out there, but you could just be the person that it works wonders for, and it doesn't hurt to try. (Apart from the slight risk of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease).

2) Try an anti-inflammatory diet (through ProjectEndo)

When I saw this opportunity to have a nutritionist work out my diet for free, I had to jump on it. Some women have had great results from changing their diet and lifestyle to control their endo symptoms, so I figure, what's the harm in trying! I'll keep you updated on my progress.

I have already started introducing some elements of the diet into my regular eating so I don't shock my body too much (mmmm, kale) but I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes!

3) Go on a non-hormonal medication to lighten my periods

Since the Mirena has actually stopped my periods for the time-being (well, the last six weeks at least), I will actually be a little sad to see it go. However, all is not lost. Apparently I'll be put on a non-hormonal medication that I'll take through days 1-5 of my cycle to lighten my periods. I'm going to make sure I do some more research before I agree to that, but I'll have to call up my gyne to find out what it is first... (I didn't quite catch it when he said it...)

4) Surgery (absolute last resort).

If my symptoms come back again or do not improve, we are going to talk about another surgery. I am very hesitant to do this because it is so extreme, and I don't think my symptoms merit it at the moment (unless it took away the fatigue, then it would be completely worth it!) but seeing as my new gyne could do an excision surgery, it could be more successful than my previous diathermy.

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