Thursday, January 31, 2013

A big fat hot air balloon

To continue on the theme of Wednesday's post and to keep it brief to avoid extra negativity on my part - this is how my abdomen has felt for the past two days:

= worst bloating of my entire life
I will be back with fun dresses and informative posts as soon as my belly decides to be nice to me again. Can't blog when all I want to do is hug a water bottle and not move lest all my organs feel like they are being squished and pinched. It also makes me walk like an 85-year-old.

(Bright side - somehow I can work with bloating better than I can with cramping. Bloating is super painful when I move or "hold on" too long but if I just sit in one spot with a heat pack I can usually manage to distract myself effectively enough at work.)

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