Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Flower Power

I'm not sure how anyone could be unhappy wearing this dress or these earrings. A few weeks ago we had a girls night out and I took the opportunity to wear one of my favourite dresses that I hadn't worn in years due to Canberra's consistent cool weather. I bought it at Retrostar - a store in Melbourne where they sell original vintage clothes and vintage clothes that have been altered to suit modern times. I always give it a visit when I got to Melbourne and I always have a tough time trying to decide what to buy. So next time you're there - go check it out!

Dress: Vintage (Retrostar, Melbourne)
Earrings: Vintage (my Granny)
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Forever 21


  1. I LOVE your frock! I've found your lovely blog from the Thrifty Challenge. I feel for you suffering from endo....I've had it since I was a teenager too. Xx

    1. Thanks! So lovely of you to stop by :).


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