Saturday, February 9, 2013

Guest Post: The Thrifty Challenge

Today I welcome Lisa from The Thrifty Challenge to share some tips for getting the most out of op shopping. We always have a lot of fun when we op shop together and I wish she lived closer so we could do it more often! Follow her country adventures and crafty tips over at her blog.

Hello Your Own Kind of Girl readers!

I’m Lisa from The Thrifty Challenge here to share all about my love of thrifted clothes, just like Libby. In fact it was probably Libby who first got me into op shopping and has helped me find some of my best bargains. I’m currently on a challenge to see if I can go a year only buying things from op shops and garage sales...and that includes clothes too. I did purchase a few items on a recent overseas holiday but apart from that have been wearing thrifted treasures (this doesn’t include shoes, pyjamas and other items I prefer new for hygienic reasons).

I thought I’d share a few favourite thrifted clothes and how I wear them.

This shirt is a thrifted country road find and for $2 from an op shop, it’s become the perfect country top. The bag was also thrifted for $1 and the hat for $1.

I love this spotty blouse which is great for work or casual days near the beach.

Op shops are also a brilliant place for dresses. I love this little dress I scored for $4. I’ve had it for years and it’s still a favourite.

With op shopped clothes it’s really important to start wearing them as soon as you can to make sure you will actually wear them. Be selective and don’t buy anything just because it’s cheap!

Once you’ve got some good basics then op shops are really the best place to expand your wardrobe for minimal cost. However everytime I get something new I get rid of an item taking up room in my wardrobe that I don’t often wear. That way my wardrobe stays neat and organised and easy to access.

Good luck thrifting for a new, cheap wardrobe :)

Thanks for having me Libby!

Lisa x

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