Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Musings {07-02-2013}

I made these cookies the other day with Pumpkin Spice Kisses that I bought when I was last in the US. I brought them into work for morning tea and they were a definite hit. I totally recommend them. Next up I'm going to try these with the remnants of the packet.


(Thanks for passing this on Mum)

The Pill has developed into a medication for the disease of being female. 
A must-read for those considering taking the Pill, or for those who have never thought twice about taking it.

Depression, weeping fits, irritability, aggression, paranoia, guilt, panic attacks, loss of enjoyment, loss of inhibition, self-loathing... If the pill drives you crazy, you're not crazy: you're probably progesterone-intolerant. This isn't rare: 1 in 5 of women are progesterone intolerant.

I think the comments left below this study express exactly how I feel about the research that was done.

Journalist steps down from her job due to endometriosis battle
I'd love to be able to get an article like this into Cosmo (or equivalent) in Australia, but so far, no luck. Good to see it in other countries.

Reading: Nothing to Envy

Planning on reading Gone Girl next. Send any good book recommendations my way!

Finally, to all of you out there who are wheat/gluten free, I am trying to find ways to minimize the wheat in my diet. I find that, day-to-day it actually helps a lot with my back/flank pain, fatigue and brain fog to cut it out. (Makes me A LOT less irritable too.) So my question for you seasoned gluten/wheat-free people is - how do you make gluten free pancakes taste good? I had a massive craving the other day and made them but the only way I could make them taste good was through lots of toppings. So please send recipes my way :)
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