Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This is pretty much how happy I am at the moment. Also, this show and this scene makes me happy. via
Lots of exciting things are happening at the moment. On Tuesday I may have gotten so excited that I flailed on the spot as fast as I could until I wore myself out. So I thought I'd share the love and tell you about the exciting things happening lately:

Oh yeah, I'm going here. via
Exciting travel plans!

Today I got some leave approved from work. That was the last step before booking flights to make my amazing winter get-out-of-Canberra-trip a reality! So the plan is now to go to France (visit brother who is on exchange there at the moment) Italy, England & South Korea (Mum is going to a work conference there and says I can stay in her hotel room for free!) with my Mum. With the current (yet to be paid for - soon!) flights we'll be landing in London on my 25th birthday. We're going from late May to late June. SO EXCITED.

Kind family friends + an exciting conference + a day off

A family friend is letting me stay at her place this weekend while I'm at the Big Hearted Business conference - this is going to save me about 300 dollars in accomodation so I am very thankful! I'm also super excited about my day off on Monday to explore Melbourne and do some op shopping. It'll be awesome!

100 years of Canberra

As this year marks the 100th anniversary of Canberra, there are a lot more exciting things going on than usual. It's kinda like March in Adelaide, but all year round. Tonight I'm going to see some caberet with some Adelaide transplants in the Spiegeltent, all part of the extended festival for 100. There was also two pretty awesome fireworks shows in a row and a bunch of little events. Canberra is buzzing!

Old friends

Speaking of Adelaide transplants - I bumped into an old friend at the supermarket last night. It was so lovely to talk to someone who knows your whole history - I don't have too many people in Canberra that know beyond the last couple of years.

Windows 7 upgrade + OneNote

We just upgraded our computers at work to Windows 7 and it amazing! (We were on Windows 2003 before). I have also just discovered OneNote. It is the answer to all my work prayers. I have the same feelings about it that I did when touch screens were invented. It just makes so much sense and makes everything a thousand times easier!

Lovely neighbours

This afternoon (while it was raining), my neighbour had the kindness to stop her car on the way past, get out, knock on my door and tell me that I had left my car lights on. Considering my car lights drain the battery in about an hour, I was extremely happy that she took the effort to do this!


I love this show (I just watched episode 9). I've deliberately not watched the season finale yet because I don't want to have to wait another however many months until another episode. I'm so happy that a show like this exists that exposes the things that people don't talk about, and all the awkward bits in life.


My granny and Mum are coming to visit over Easter, and I also have friends planning on visiting later this year. I've already had four new visitors this year (by the beginning of March!) which pretty much doubled my previous record in 1/6 of the time. So this year is good for visitors!

Blatantly stealing this idea off the lovely Samara.
Check out her blog:
The Secret Life of Samara


  1. Libby, this post makes me oh so happy- I was wondering if you were planning on doing some travelling after seeing you spam Pinterest with amazing travel places :) I know what you mean about lights on also- I left my interior car light on a couple of weeks back after arriving home late and one of my lovely Afghani neighbours knocked on my door to tell me- and hurried off before I got the chance to finally have a conversation with him *sigh*

    I love that, while reading this post, I could just picture you saying it all in such an excited voice. The thought makes me happy :)

    (Btw, I shamelessly pulled the idea from a couple of other bloggers :P)

    1. :D

      Your comment just makes me that much more excited!


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